kashi : unique hemp, silk, linen and cotton clothing for men, women and children    

about kashi

All the products in the Kashi collection are of the highest quality, made by hand and with care. We design the clothing and accessories ourselves and have them fashioned from beautiful hemp, silk, linen and cotton fabrics.

The men’s clothing style is smart casual to semi-formal and can’t be found anywhere else. It is modern and dynamic with clean sophisticated lines; an Eastern flair meeting a truly comfortable attitude of masculinity.

The women’s clothing is stylish, elegant and graceful, appealing to all age groups with a generous range of sizes.

To augment the clothing we sell accessories including our original range of versatile, practical and colourful uni-sex bags and hats fashioned from hemp and cotton fabrics as well as some traditionally woven silk and woolen scarves and shawls.

The business takes its name from an ancient city in India known today as Varanasi. It refers to a time of life when one can reflect with the wisdom of age on the source of ones beginnings. Varanasi sits, geographically, on a broad bend of the sacred river Ganges where it turns in its journey through the plains to flow back in the direction of its spring source far away in the mountains of the Himalaya. We design, craft and import our collection in a manner that aims to honour and retain the integrity of the source from which each of the products come.

about kashi
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